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A program
that strikes
a chord.

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College isn't the right path for everyone.

Introducing a hands-on apprenticeship program for aspiring sound engineers, producers and musicians who are doing things differently.


Inspired by Ronan, who rocked to the beat of his own drum.



The Ronan Fund and Q Division Studios have joined forces to support emerging sound engineers, producers and musicians in Boston’s music scene.


Together, we have developed a custom-made apprenticeship program at the studio for those who want to learn the art of recording on-the-job rather than attending college.

A community rallying around music-makers of tomorrow

With The Ronan Fund’s backing, Q Division will select one aspiring sound engineer, producer or musician for an apprenticeship. The recipient will earn a paycheck while participating in the day-to-day operations of a professional recording studio — learning how to run sessions, operate equipment, and communicate with other artists and producers in a creative and productive environment. In keeping with Q tradition, the apprentice will also manage the burrito orders and coffee runs.

The goal is for each apprentice to emerge from the opportunity with hands-on experience, a broader industry network and the financial backing they need to launch their careers.

The collaboration between The Ronan Fund and Q Division represents more than a partnership; it’s a community rallying around the music-makers of tomorrow. Together, we uphold the legacy of Ronan, a talented musician and producer who invested countless hours at Q Division and in his own studio to chase his passion.


We honor Ronan by providing aspiring artists with the tools, support and guidance they require to succeed in today’s competitive recording industry.


Help us fund our next apprentice.

All funding directly contributes to a participant's paycheck.


Pursue an apprenticeship.

Ronan Jeannotte playing guitar on stage
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Listen to the music Ronan
recorded at Q Division Studios.

Proceeds from music downloads
benefit recipients of The Ronan Fund.

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