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We support dreams that follow a different path.

The Ronan Fund is a non-profit organization that supports those who seek viable careers without a college degree. We help aspiring tradespeople who keep the lights on, artists who keep the music playing, and born leaders who keep our communities safe.

There are millions of college scholarships out there. The Ronan Fund is not one of them. Since our start in 2022, we have sponsored certifications, training, gear and gigs to help our recipients get down to business. And we’re changing the conversation about success, encouraging people to define it on their own terms while urging others to support them.

We are a volunteer organization that operates from a birthplace of big ideas – Ronan’s basement music studio in Maynard, Massachusetts. We’ve quickly grown into a community that encourages dreams that follow a different path.

We strongly believe that those pursuing a trade should be celebrated as enthusiastically as those applying to college.

Our Mission

We support those who pursue trades, the arts and other careers that don’t require a four-year college degree.


Our Vision

A world that puts tradespeople, music-makers and dreamers on the same footing as traditional high achievers.


Each year, The Ronan Fund is awarded to people who demonstrate a drive to find their niche, work hard, and achieve success through a path other than a four-year degree. This is not a traditional college scholarship; funding can be applied to coursework, trade school, or other training or entrepreneurship efforts.

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