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dreamer of dreams.

- Arthur O'Shaughnessy


Super nova. Chameleon. Dream-weaver. Ronan Jeannotte was a talented musician and producer, a dreamer, and a kind and gentle soul who cherished his people.

As a child, while others obsessed over superheroes or quarterbacks, Ronan had his own rankings for guitarists.


After coming across Guitar Hero at age 7, he found his way to a red Squire Stratocaster starter pack. He played up to eleven every day for the next ten years — eventually discovering his beloved purple PRS.


Throughout his teenage years, Ronan earned recognition for his achievements on guitar — then set out to master bass, keys and drums. On stage, he was pure energy, with a mix of swagger and skill all his own.

LLRJ: Long Live Ronan Jeannotte


Passion, Grit, Fearlessness

By choice, teenage Ronan missed many nights out with friends because he was hard at work on a song or a beat or the lyrics that filled his mind. He built his own music production and recording studio, working hard at what he loved and putting in countless hours of music lessons and marketing to achieve his dream.

Ronan inspired us every day with his passion, fearlessness and the perseverance he put toward his dream of moving to Los Angeles to become a music producer.


He was kind and remarkable, with a clear vision and a burning drive to achieve it.

We lost Ronan to addiction in September 2021 at age 17. He had just begun his senior year at Maynard High School in Massachusetts. He leaves behind a legacy of passion, grit and absolute fearlessness. His memory lives on in every note, encouraging us to chase our dreams with everything we’ve got.

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The Jeannotte Family (l-r): Allison, Ronan, Abby, and Seth (2021)

“Ronan will always inspire me with his passion, fearlessness, kindness, love for his family and friends, and gregarious personality."

Music mentor and collaborator

“’I'll always remember his passion, drive, and dedication. Ronan's love for music and playing guitar was contagious and inspirational."

Music instructor and mentor

“He was beautiful, comical and courageous. Ronan taught me more than I taught him.”


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