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Photo Gallery: The Ronan Fund Music Jam 2022
Thank you to the ubertalented Beth Or
am for capturing the magic.

The Ronan Fund Music Jam

is a night of live music that celebrates dreamers and their  dreams.

Musicians of all ages forming impromptu supergroups. One cousin on stilts carrying a birthday cake. Children in branded beanies. Ronan’s favorite music venue barely containing a sold-out crowd. It happens every Thanksgiving weekend, and it’s our favorite night of the year.

Our major annual fundraiser, The Ronan Fund Music Jam combines the joy of gathering with family and reuniting with friends through the power of music. It celebrates life and reminds us what we can achieve together. With the Jam, we celebrate Ronan’s birthday in the best way we know how: loud, happy and packed with love.


Everyone is welcome and every dollar raised is directed to recipients of The Ronan Fund.

Next up: November 2024, when we celebrate what would be Ronan’s 21st birthday.

Thank you to the amazing Beth Oram for capturing the magic.

The Jam 2023 Photos 

The Jam 2022 photos

credit: Beth Oram 

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