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Apply for The Ronan Fund.

We strongly believe that those pursuing a trade or a career in the arts should be celebrated as enthusiastically as those applying to college. Though applications for spring 2023 high school seniors are now closed, we want to celebrate you and your goals every day. 

Please briefly answer the following questions to give us a sense of your plans, your drive, and how The Ronan Fund could help you achieve your dream. Say less, and keep it tight. A sentence or two for each question is all we need to share your excitement.

The Ronan Fund Application

Thank you! We look forward to celebrating your dream in Ronan's memory.

Award Qualifications

  • Demonstrate plans to achieve post-high school vocational goals through means other than a four-year college degree.

  • Plans can include pursuit of a career in the arts, a skilled trade, an internship or apprenticeship, entrepreneurship, military service, or full-time entry-level work or volunteer work.

  • Reside in Maynard, MA and meet requirements to graduate from high school.

Award Criteria

  • Passion for, and pursuit of, a specific post-high school dream.

  • Demonstrated drive, grit and perseverance to achieve that dream.

  • A clear articulation of how our funding would support vocational plans.

  • Ongoing demonstration of kindness and integrity.

  • Financial need is a consideration in recipient selection. Grades, test scores, club participation and community service are not.

Award Funding

Thanks to the generosity of the community, The Ronan Fund is able to grant awards commensurate with the dreams of our applicants. Be clear about your vision, your drive, and what you need to succeed. Dream big.

Contact The Ronan Fund with questions about the application. We're rooting for you already.

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